Summer is officially here! It’s a good time to revisit the makeup trends for spring/summer 2017.

As the temperature gets higher and the day longer, I start to feel like playing with makeup a bit more and have some colorful fun. Might seems to late for some but, really, who thinks of beach outfits in november, except fashion houses? 

Here are my favorite makeup looks for spring/summer 2017, hope you find them as inspiring as I do.

Elie Saab

“Young, cool, colorful, shiny – and more than anything, really fun.” says makeup artist Tom Pecheux who created this look for Elie Saab.

Read more about this style here.


Inspired by manga cartoon characters and oh-so-fun to wear. “There are elements of punk and candy in the makeup,” said makeup artist Peter Philips.

Read more about this style here.


The look features red glossy lips and a lot of blush worn high at the temples and onto the eyes, created by makeup artist Lynsey Alexander for Kenzo to match the show’s theme: Studio 54.

More about this style here.

Sophia Webster

Channel your 60’s vibe with this colorful makeup look featuring architectural lines.

Read more about this style here.

Jill Stuart

“We’re trying to keep it Nineties and cool.” said lead makeup artist Aaron de Mey.

Read more about this style here.

Anna Sui

“It’s a little rebellious.” said makeup artist McGrath who matched the eye and lip to modernize the vintage Americana aesthetic.

Read more about this style here.

Mary Katrantzou

“A beautiful, clean and innocent face with all drama on the mouth,” said makeup artist Lynsey Alexander.

Read more about this style here.


I made a board with my research and helpful links. I plan to update as the seasons change so keep an eye on this for news and face charts.

Few days ago I published a brand new Skillshare class and I’m excited to share it with you.

I’ve been working on this class for the last 2 month and I’m so pleased to see it finally published. I want to show you how you can make artwork with your makeup and draw a beautiful face chart.

Learn to make a Basic Face Chart today!

You can use them to illustrate a makeup look you love or document a look you created successfully and you could even frame them to decorate your walls! The most important is to have fun and be proud of the art that you can create.

Some of the things you will learn are:

  • What is a face chart
  • What products can be used on a face chart
  • How to choose colors
  • How to apply makeup to paper
  • Pro tips for any makeup application

You don’t need special paper to get started, any paper will do, just put some makeup on it!

I will teach you all the tips and tricks I learned from years of makeup artistry and drawing combined!
With this new knowledge I’m hoping you will feel more confident to design and illustrate any makeup looks you want.

Here’s a sample video from the class to get you in the mood for making your own Paper Lady.

You can join the class right here.

Follow my lead to have fun with your makeup and discover new expressive ways to create artwork!


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