Sanitize Your Makeup Tools and Products

If you are like any woman I know, you have at least one makeup brush in your cosmetic stash!

I will show you, step-by-step, a simple, efficient and inexpensive method of cleaning and disinfecting your makeup brushes and other makeup tools you use, as well as lots of advice on makeup maintenance and storage.

There is also a bonus video on how to fix a broken eyeshadow powder!

A step by step class offering most useful information, simple solutions and tips for always keeping and using clean brushes, clean makeup with no effort, for the health and beauty of the skin. Easy for everyone!

Cristina DajuSkillshare Student

Extremely useful for anyone who has no idea how to clean their makeup tools! She gives a lot advice and guidance about things I’ve never even thought about. Highly recommend!

Sydney H.Skillshare Student

Wonderful class, good info, I recommend this for all who are interested in make-up.

Calina LaviniaSkillshare Student

Mira made a really helpful class! The info is very logical and clear. Now all I can think about is how to clean all the stuff I have!

Anna SokolovaSkillshare Student

Such great information, and I really learned a lot. Some things I had learned from professional makeup artists also and I know others here will really love to know those secrets!

Ginger BentleySkillshare Student

Thanks for this thorough explanation of how to clean makeup brushes and why it’s important!

Peggy HazelwoodSkillshare Student

Mira clearly knows what she is talking about. I have sensitive skin, so I use this method. I know more about watercolor brushes than makeup ones, so it was great that she mentioned you need to be careful about getting solvent in the ferrule! It’s the same for art brushes, but I never thought about it that way! Looking forward to seeing more of her well informed videos on makeup!

Sade JSkillshare Student

Loved the information and this isn’t hard to do at all! So I should clean my brushes all the time now! Thank you!

Bridgette SkinnerSkillshare Student