Paint with Makeup: A Face Chart Tutorial

Face Charts are Makeup Poetry.

I want to show you how you can make artwork with your makeup and draw a beautiful face chart. If you think you can’t draw, no worries, I will teach you all the tips and tricks I learned from years of makeup artistry and drawing combined!

With this new knowledge I’m hoping you will feel more confident to design and illustrate makeup looks and be proud of the work that you can create. You could frame it to decorate your walls or add text to it and make an inspirational poster.

Follow my lead to have fun with your makeup and discover new expressive ways to create artwork.

So gather your makeup and let’s get started!

Very interesting class, part art lesson – part makeup lesson. This would be a great way to try out new looks!

Charlotte DeMolaySkillshare Student

Beautiful, elegant and very professional class, I highly recommend it to fashion illustrators and make up artists!

Irina TrzaskosSkillshare Student

Really cool class and a very interesting art project from the things most girls already have.

Mariya PopandopuloSkillshare Student

This class is amazing for beginners, I just got a new beauty kit and now I know how to design my make up, the lessons are clear and easy.

Anabel VenegasSkillshare Student

Such an informative class. Even if you are not a make up artist any one who wants to understand and draw faces will benefit from this class. Mira explains everything in detail. I learnt something new as I had no clue face charts existed. Wonderful class.

Prerna PoojaraSkillshare Student