Complete Guide to Eyebrow Makeup

Let’s talk about eyebrows!

I designed this course for the savvy woman, either a true novice who never plucked her eyebrows, or a more experienced makeup lover who has her daily routine already in place.

In this 30 minutes course you will learn how to use guidelines on your face to asses your own eyebrows create the eyebrow shape that suits your face best.

What’s in this course:

  • the history behind eyebrow makeup and how it has transformed throughout the years
  • the way different eyebrow shapes can highlight your facial features
  • how to choose the perfect shaped eyebrow using a grid system
  • how to deal with sparse brows
  • how to create natural looking brows using powder, pencil and cream products

I have never seen so much detailed instruction and so many helpful guidelines for creating the perfect brow.

Chris VSkillshare Student

How many times we’ve seen epic eyebrows fails on the internet? This class must be watched by every girl I know!! It’s easy, clear and Mira is a great teacher.

Anabel VenegasSkillshare Student

Thank you for very helpful and interesting class, Mira!

Irina TrzaskosSkillshare Student

Great class, Mira is a professional and it’s a very helpful tutorial for everyday routine!

Anna SokolovaSkillshare Student

An excellent class that explains everything you need to know about creating the perfect brow.

Nina RycroftSkillshare Student

I do hope there will be other makeup classes. This one is very helpful. Excellent tutorial.

Brenda ReevesSkillshare Student

This is the most in-depth eyebrow lesson I have learned. very helpful. Thank you.

Rachel BradleySkillshare Student