Color Theory for Makeup: Eyeshadow Magic

How does color theory apply to makeup?

I think the classic representation of the color wheel doesn’t exactly speak to makeup. When I decide a color treatment for my clients I always trust color theory and my eye to get the best result with little effort.

The color wheel is a simple and powerful tool for understanding how colors relate to each other. We’re going to create our own color wheel with eyeshadows by using basic principles of color theory and we are also going to use our eyesight to help analyze what we actually see when we look at a color, making it easier to arrange the eyeshadows in a colorful circle.

I’ll explain some terms we need to understand before we start, relevant for eyeshadows in particular and show you plenty of examples to illustrate key concepts.

This class will break some myths and build some bridges so you can comfortably decide on a makeup look to complement your natural eye color. Plus, your shopping sprees are going to be more focused and effective when you know what exactly to look for.

I hope you’ll join me in this journey to learn how to take control over your eyeshadows and learn how color theory affects your makeup choices in this step-by-step lesson and tutorial.

I really enjoyed this class. Especially the colour wheel theory applied and all of the examples of eyeshadow and eye colour.

Nina RycroftSkillshare Student

Loved it!

Mariya PopandopuloSkillshare Student

Great class! The visuals are stunning and I learned so much from the instruction. I never thought of comparing eye make up to the color wheel.

Chris VSkillshare Student