Want to make your own lipstick palette? You’re in the right place!

Few years ago, when I started makeup as a profession, I realised I have to be smart about building my professional kit, invest in good products and keep it light and tightly edited.
I will tell you another time about my makeup kit and how to build one, but for now I want to share with you how I organised my personal and professional lipstick collection with the same principles in mind.

I may receive a commission if you purchase something mentioned in this post. Full affiliate disclosure here.

I want to share with you how I organised my lipstick collection so I can have easy access to all my colors at once and carry all my lipsticks with me on makeup jobs. My goal is to make the most of my purchase and use every bit of product in the tube.

I will show you how.

Watch the tutorial for video instructions and read below for more advice and my recommendations.

The materials I’m using for this demonstration are fairly easy to get and can be replaced with something similar if you don’t have them: a lipstick, a spoon, a knife, paper towels, disinfectant and a candle.

You also need a container to transfer the lipstick. These containers come in a variety of shapes and sizes so use whatever you have handy and suits your needs better. Here are my suggestions for buying:

Before you start, put the lipstick in the fridge and leave it for about 45 minutes, this will make a big difference with the following steps.

While you wait, consider disinfecting your tools. I recommend using isopropyl alcohol with a concentration of 70-99% to disinfect and prepare your tools for the transfer. Spray or wipe your tin pan, the spoon and the knife. Also, clean your hands with soap and water.

Curious how and why to sanitize your makeup product and tools?

Now start depotting! Click on each of the tabs below to see full instructions.



For my professional makeup kit, I don’t melt anything just to be extra sure I don’t change the texture of the lipstick. Watch this video in which I demonstrate my method for transferring lipstick without melting it.

If you don’t want to melt your lipsticks either, you can just transfer them into a compartmentalized closed container, either a professional makeup palette or a recycled palette.

I fell in love with this Well Foundation/Lipstick Palette by Make-up Designory and Japonesque have a similar one! I bought one right when I started on my Makeup Artist journey and it’s been a sturdy and reliable tool for years but also a great source of inspiration for my creativity, well worth the investment.

Plus, they make everything look more precious and expensive!

It’s worth mentioning, I don’t recommend using this method to store long wear lipsticks because they will dry out if the container is not sealed. I don’t use long lasting (a.k.a. drying formulas) on my clients or myself so all my lipsticks are sheer to creamy. It’s just a personal preference but I’d rather have to reapply lipstick (or any other makeup product, for that matter!) than having it clog my pores for a good long 12 hours or so!

That said, having all shades at a glance is really helpful when designing makeup looks on my face charts.

Want to see my custom palette in action?

To summarize, I replaced 18 lipsticks with 2 palettes and now I have them together instead of opening them up individually to see the color. Pretty cool, right?

Did I inspire you to make your own custom lipstick palette? Let me know how it goes in the comments below!

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